About Project

Timeline: 6 months

Industry: Electronics

Area: Operations

Our Task Was

Our client was experiencing high debt despite consistent sales and was debating shutting down the business.

What We Did

We did a complete business analysis and an evaluation of the supply chain and discovered:

  1. Fraud
  2. High levels of obsolete stocks
  3. False accounting practices
  4. Unmonitored procurement
  5. An exaggerated payroll
  6. Untrained sales force

Unaccounted and un-reconciled consignment stock.


  1. Clearly defined job descriptions and organogram with authority levels
  2. Rationalised suppliers
  3. Rationalise stock and addressed all the obsolete stock though discount sales and incineration for that which we could not salvage.
  4. Rationalised customers on consignment stocking.


  1. Reduced debt by____
  2. Reduced stock holing by _
  3. Increased sales by_