About Project

Timeline: 4 months

Industry: Financial

Area: HR

Our Task Was

Our client complained that they were unable to generate the level of business as their competitors despite the having a similar share capital, number of staff and product lines.

Based on the details presented, we narrowed down the issue to be driven mainly by an inefficiency of processes and their staff capability.

What We Did

A detailed process mapping was conducted of every departments procedures including a definition of roles and responsibilities. This was then mapped to a review of the qualifications and skill capacity of the various staff. Over 100 procedures were mapped and 70 staff reviewed for their qualifications, skills analysis and job history.


A traffic light system was developed to evaluate the appropriateness of staff to conduct the roles they had been assigned. It was found that two thirds of the staff were mismatched to the role they were assigned to in terms of capability. 40% of the staff were in the red, meaning they were unqualified to work for the organisation. Only 40% of the staff were in the green, meaning they were qualified to do the role they were placed in, hence confirming the low productivity. The balance 20% were amber, meaning they had qualification to work in the organisation, but not in the role they were in.


1. Clear job descriptions were defined with skill and academic pre-requisites.
2. Job levels, hierarchies and authority levels were also defined.
3. The organogram was adjusted with a clear timeline to ensure that all staff fall are qualified and capable of doing their jobs.