Devna Shukla


Devna Shukla is the Lead Consultant for marketing, web development and social media management at Vici Consulting Limited.

She specialises in defining bespoke and holistic digital and conventional marketing campaigns specific to client needs to provide effective and sustainable end-to-end solutions.

Work Experience
  • 2013 – Present:           Vici Consulting Limited: Lead Consultant – Marketing
  • 2009 – 2010:                International Maritime Organisation (UN): Internal HR Consultant
  • 2006 – 2007:                Lead Marker: Edexcel
  • 2011:                           BPP University College, London UK: MSc in Management
  • 2007:                           London School of Economics and Political Science: MSc in Analysis, Design and                                              Management of Information Systems
  • 2006:                           University of Nottingham, UK: BSc Joint Honors in Computer Science and                                                        Management Studies
  • Successfully developed over 10 corporate websites and marketing campaigns between 2016 – 2018 including; e-commerce platforms, shopping malls, architects and industry associations.
  • Profiled over 160 roles under the succession planning at International Maritime Organisation, London (UK), providing a baseline for all future job grading, appraisals and remuneration guidelines.
  • Developed competency framework that was used for performance management, recruitment and career development which became the mandatory requirement for all at the International Maritime Organisation.
  • Led a global team of 7 markers for Business and IT (A-Level) and recorded with the lowest error rate at Edexcel.
  • Set up a reporting system that was emulated in other teams for different subjects at Edexcel.
  • President of the University of Nottingham – Women Cricket Team.
  • Top-order batsman for the Kenya National Women Cricket Team.
  • The study and measurement of time (Horology)
  • Reading historical fiction
  • Adventure sports