Operations Management

Vici Consulting Limited specializes in Operations Management, Continuous Improvement, and Business Process Re-engineering. We understand the challenges and pitfalls facing businesses in today’s highly competitive global economy. Leaders must not only continually adapt business practices to keep their teams performing at ever increasing levels – they must outperform and often outbid competitors concurrently.

Whatever your business needs, Vici Consulting is here to help. We’re experts at developing new operations, assessing existing operations for waste and vulnerabilities ensuring you implement practical and cost-effective solutions to mitigate problems, neutralize threats and capitalize on both realized and unrealized opportunities.

Our objectives
  • To combine our deep functional experience in operations with sector-specific insights to give our clients a solution that fits their context and strategic priorities seamlessly.
  • To ensure that our clients improve operational efficiency in all parts of their business and help them build differentiating capabilities.

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” – Tom Peters

Our key areas of focus are:
Operations strategy improvement

We will help you ensure that your operations are in line with your overall business strategy and its related financial objectives. By defining the optimal network of facilities required by your business to meet volume and service demand while minimising the total cost of products or services delivered.


Lean provides a range of flow, productivity and waste minimisation techniques, but is also a management philosophy that makes people feel involved and motivated. At Vici Consulting Limited, we bring together teams with capabilities in operations, strategy and organisation qualified for the pursuit of perfection with the aim of getting the right things to the right place at the right time, the first time.

Integrated value chain improvement

We will help you to achieve breakthrough improvements in operational performance in terms of product cost, customer service and working capital requirements. With our proven integrated value chain excellence audit, we can quickly identify where your value chain falls short of best practice in your own industry and beyond.

Purchasing Value Excellence

Our range of customised services to help you achieve purchasing value excellence include:

  • Comparing your purchasing performance with that of global procurement leaders through our regular purchasing value excellence study.
  • Helping you meet ambitious budget targets in procurement, using our impact purchasing methodology.
  • Addressing increasing complexity in your sourcing environment, e.g. shorter time-to-market requirements, increased risk in supply markets, using our strategic sourcing and supplier management tool-box.
  • Identifying potential savings in procurement and realising them quickly.
  • Our experience helps us to more easily spot problems and resolve them using the right methodology for your industry, improving profitability and increasing utilisation.

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