Web & Social Media Management

At Vici Consulting Limited, we believe in the importance of having a digital presence today. First impressions count and most people google you before they shop or deal with you. Your digital presence increases your visibility and accessibility.

The web is also a more effective form of advertising with a wider reach and lower cost than conventional advertising. Not having a digital presence could mean losing business.

Our objectives

• To ensure our clients have the right mix on digital platforms to improve their visibility, accessibility and optimize customer engagement for top line growth.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

Our key areas of focus are:
Web design

We do much more than creating a pretty picture. We look beyond design and ensure your business strategy is complemented on your website – an often-forgotten factor.
We optimise your website content to get more customers through organic search. Address on and off page issues to move up the search rankings quickly.

Social Media

Everyone is doing it but not everyone is doing it well. We help you strategise to get the best out of all the social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn. Get increased followers and great exposure to key influencers using our guaranteed service.

  • We offer solutions that help individuals & companies deliver on every digital front, communicate their brand clearly and take their business to greater heights.

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